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What to Know About Equine Bone and Joint Support Solutions

Horses are important when it comes to athletics and also for transportation purposes. Horses are essential when it comes to accessing areas where cars and other modes of transport might be impossible. Thus, the people with big ranches and tracks of land might use horses for such purposes. Horses are therefore an integral asset when it comes to farms and athletic activities. Horses just like other animals often face issues especially when it comes to navicular disease. It is a disease that results from the inflammation of this bone which leads to the problem called equine osteoarthritis. When this issue occurs, it can easily spread to surrounding tissues and joints hence the name equine bone and joint issues. It is a condition that terms a big deal to a horse’s ability to carry on with its duties. If not taken care of at the right time there are higher chances of a horse becoming lame.

Most researchers don’t understand where the issue comes from and some suggest that it can be genetic but it can also occur as a result of issues with distal limbs. The damage can occur when there is a low supply of blood to the navicular bone. Also, having trauma can lead to damage to the navicular bone in a horse. There are signs that a horse will exhibit when it has this condition which will be great in helping you to notice it much faster. If you find a horse showing some form of lameness it will be a great way to tell that it has some issues with the equine bone and surrounding joints. Another sign that you might want to consider is how the horse moves its head and if you realize that it is bobbing then it can be a great sign to consider especially if it happens from the trot. Considering the history of the animal, especially from the genetics side will be a great thing to consider when you suspect that it might have this condition. It is good to also consider the movement when it comes to your horses.

If you look at how the horse places its toes when walking it will be much easier to tell how it manages the pressure and if it uses it toes down first then it might make it easier for you to know that it is dealing with damage to the navicular bone. Injecting nerve blocks can be a great way to determine whether your horse has a navicular issue. After the injection, a horse that has navicular will show immediate improvement from symptoms of lameness. The treatment of navicular disease is something that sparks debate because no treatment is defined to help the issue because it is a degenerative disease which means that it is not curable. Hence, there are many methods that you might consider for a horse owner and it is up to you to get the one that shows promises with fewer health concerns. From research, some horse owners have resulted in to use of gallium nitrate as the best solution because it eliminates foot pain and lameness which most classical treatment methods can’t help. Thus, making a choice is critical when it comes to your horse’s health and comfort.

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